Creative Content

Creative Content Committee
Mariam Zohra D, Sana Janjua, Ranbir Johal, Sara Kazmi, Fauzia Rafique

Zoë J. Dagneault (Katheren Szabo)
Parabjot Kaur (Darshan Mann)
Mahnoor Kazmi (Sheema Kermani)
Sara Kazmi (Fahmida Riaz)
Jessica Barratt (Harsha Walia)
Rahat Kurd (Sunera Thobani)
Jessica Barratt (Deanna Reder)
Kyla Pasha (Sarah Suhail)
Fauzia Rafique (Sabeen Mahmud)
Faiza Rna (Huma Safdar)
Aamna Rashid (Mukhtar Mai)
Sameena Siddiqui (Asma Jahangir)
Saroop Soofi & Hina Imam (Madeeha Gauhar)
Asma Sayed (Hina Jilani)
Mandeep Wirk (Surjeet Kalsey)

Program Hosts & StageScript Contributors
Mariam Zohra D.
Hafsah Umar Durrani
Hina Imam
Sana Janjua
Sameena Siddiqui

Graphic Designer & Videomaker
Mariam Zohra D.

Booklet Design
Iryna Spica

Stage Craft
Choreography : Sameena Siddiqui
Lighting : Sana Janjua
Props & Costumes : Hafsah Durrani
Sound, Audio & Video : Mariam Zohra D.
Flower Segment : Talia Ahmad

Videography : Footage
Devin Gillan
Videography : Editing
Mariam Zohra D.

Concept, Scripts, Direction & Production
Fauzia Rafique

Creative Content Committee : Members

Sana Janjua
Poet/Playwright/Performer, Surrey CA

Sana’s play ‘Migration’, written and directed for a group of Pakistani-Canadian youth, expresses the experience of loneliness and pathos of (forced) migration and exile. Her monologue ‘Smaller Names’ explores the dynamics of silencing of women’s voices/stories, and the trauma and shame they endure as they speak. As well, her poems and monologues focus on the invalidating environments produced by neoliberalism. Sana’s writings are published online at The Laaltain, Uddari Weblog and Mayanaam, and she has presented monologues at various cultural and literary events. Sana is now working on a full-length play and a chapbook of her poetry and essays. She is a Founding Member, a past President, and the current Secretary of Surrey Muse Board of Directors. A Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Sana enjoys working in the field of mental health.

Ranbir Johal
Educator/Drama Producer, KPU, Surrey CA. Advisor

Ranbir is a teacher who occasionally dabbles in creative writing and theatre. She has taught in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Department of Language and Cultures since 2006. She is also a PhD Candidate in the University of British Columbia’s Department of Asian Studies where she is researching women in Punjabi theater. Ranbir is a co-director of Rangmanch Punjabi Theatre.

Sara Kazmi
Scholar/Theatre Activist, UK/Pakistan. Advisor

Sara Kazmi is pursuing a PhD in Criticism and Culture at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on progressive Punjabi poetry in India and Pakistan. She has been extensively involved with performing street theatre and protest music in Lahore, Pakistan, and in particular, is drawn to questions of gender, regional identity, and radical language politics.

Fauzia Rafique
Novelist/Poet/activist, Surrey CA

Fauzia is a Pakistani Canadian writer who has published her writings in Pakistan and Canada. Her novel ‘Skeena’ was presented in English (Libros Libertad, 2011) and Punjabi (Sanjh Publications, 2007) where the Punjabi edition became Pakistan’s most sold Punjabi novel. Her second novel ‘The Adventures of SahebaN: Biography of a Relentless Warrior‘ was launched in 2016 and has gained critical acclaim as a unique and powerful feminist narrative. Her anthology, ‘Aurat Durbar, the Court of Women’, a collection of writings of women of South Asian Origin, was published in Toronto in 1994. She was a co-founder and the editor of Diva: a quarterly journal of South Asian women (Toronto 1988-1994). Earlier, Fauzia worked as a journalist (monthly Dhanak, Lahore), screenwriter (drama serials ‘Appay Ranjha Hoi’ and ‘Dastak Na Do’, LTV), and activist (Women Front Pakistan, Lahore). She is a co-founder and the coordinator of Surrey Muse, and, the project manager of Surrey Muse At Large (SMAL) and Surrey Muse Writers. Fauzia is happy to have received WIN Canada’s Distinguished Novelist & Poet award in 2012, and to have declined Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013.

Mariam Zohra
Poet/Vocalist/Artist, Surrey CA

Mariam is a poet, vocalist, and a multi-disciplinary artist combining music, video, drama, painting and poetry. Her first album, a collaboration with Unearth Noise called ‘Dreamspeak‘ was launched by Amsterdam’s Lullabies for Insomniacs in autumn 2018. She shares her songs via Soundcloud, and a collection of her poems, lyrics and drawings is published in ‘These Tales Are True‘ (Purple Poppy Press 2016). Her poems also appeared in ‘Saving Seeds’ (Ed. Valerie B.-Taylor, NWW 2014). She studied Philosophy and Creative Writing at Douglas College. Mariam published her first collection of poetry ‘Not to Understand‘ in Toronto in 1990 at age 14. Later, some of her poems appeared in Toronto’s Feminist Quarterly Fireweed, and in ‘Transitions’ a textbook anthology produced for Grade 10 students by Peel Board of Education. She also worked with Theatre In The Rough, a youth drama collective in Toronto. Mariam is a founding member and the President of Surrey Muse Board of Directors, and she also serves as its Graphic Designer.

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that we are on the unceded Coast Salish territories of
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